First Comp Of The Season

Hey!! here is a link!
Its an edit I just finished full of the skiing I did at Jackson Hole!

---Taos Extreme---

Flying into Albuquerque

I just finished up at the Taos extreme in New Mexico, the first 4* FWQ comp of the US season.
There were 3 days of competition and the scores from each day were combined.
On top of that the bottom 3rd or so of the field was cut after each day, that made consistency a high priority.
6 weeks ago I knocked myself out and had to spend a night in hospital, so the plan for this comp was to ski within my limits and land all runs on my feet, so the chance of another head knock would be minimal.

I managed to stick to the plan and I finished up in 7th over all.
A result im really happy with. 

I cant think of a better way to get warmed up for the comp season than to go straight into a 3 day comp.

Now that I know how I stack up against the locals Ill be looking to push it harder in the coming stops, the next one being Castle Mountain.

I am currently sitting in Calgary airport, killing time. 5 hours and ill be on a bus to pincher creek.

I stayed in the little town of Aroyo Secco which is about 15 mins away from Taos Valley Ski Area.

The hostel I stayed in was the Abdominal Snowmanison. I like the name.

Below are some photos of the town in all its adobe goodness.

The Snowmansion