Jackson Hole

Looking out from Casper bowl
Ive been hanging out in Jackson Hole with the kiwi crew for about a month now.
The 6 of us have been living together in an apartment half way between the resort and the town of Jackson.
Its been pretty close in here, but the livings been good.
Example of Jackson Hole Side Country

The snow quality has been mostly good, with a few dry spells in between the storms.
We have spent a lot of our time boot packing out of bounds, looking for any left over snow that we can find.
The Jackson Hole side country is a well travelled place.
I was really surprised at the amount of people hiking and skiing out of bounds on a regular basis.

The terrain at Jackson is amazing, and not a lot changes between the in bounds and out of bounds stuff.

Its a lot of fun skiing side country, the effort you put in to find good zones really enhances the following ski down.

Our crew is slowly disbanding and heading home.
And in a few days ill be the only one left, on my way down to Taos New Mexico, to compete in the 4* FWQ competition there.
And then its pretty much back to back comps at Castle Mountain 3*, Moonlight Basin 4* and Crested Butte 4*.

Im feeling pretty good on my skis at the moment, although I had a long time off snow recovering from a bad knock out earlier on in the trip, and a close call recently has had me skiing a little more cautiously over the last few days.

Im looking forward to Taos, the opener of the comp season, and a personal test.
The plan is to land on my feet this year.

Lets see if I can!

Here is an edit of our crew ripping in the pow:

A Pow edit from Revelstoke:

On a side note, Scott palmer and I did a hike in paddle out adventure SUP in the Matukituki valley up towards Kitchener flat just before I left NZ.
Here is the edit I made of that trip:
There is more info in the video description.

Saw a Moose.