Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain was the second of my comp stops this year.
It was a 3* FWQ in Alberta, Canada.
I crashed in the run out of top air, due to not planning my run out well enough, and didn't get past day one.

That made time for some fun on day two.
I managed to score some Snow Blades for a day, and as you can imagine..
Shit got wild.

3 Bladers, one mono skier, front flips, coloradoing and getting told to chop down our jump by the Man were but a small portion of the days events.

One of these days there will be a blade edit.

But for now, I suggest you watch this 30 second video of Ian Borgeson and myself riding the Fernie skate park:
BC Park Blading

After that day I realised we need to grow the sport of Snow Blading in New Zealand.
Im going to get hold of some blades before the season.
You should too, then we can get stupid this winter!!