Moonlight Basin

I finished up at the Moonlight Basin 4* a few days ago.

The venue at Moonlight is awesome, its the steepest, sharkiest venue I've competed on and my favourite stop so far.

The format for Moonlight was 2 day cumulative score with a cut after the first day.
My line on day one was good, but I skied the bottom half of it pretty loose, even still I finished on my feet and moved through to day 2 in 9th place.

Day 2 didn't go so well, I stuffed up the run in to my first cliff and went off slighty on the wrong angle with not enough speed, clipped sharks in the landing and crashed out.

Its a bummer not to have finished my run, but I learned a lot.
Mainly that I am able to self arrest quickly at the top of a really steep venue after a messy crash.

Since Castle mountain I discovered the best technique for dealing with the disappointment of falling or messing up in a comp.

Go be a dick head on either Snow Blades or a Mono Ski.

This tactic is guaranteed to fix all bad feelings.

I know this for sure because I have now tested it two times in a row.
And both times it has succeeded.

After Blading at Castle mountain, it was time to try something more ambitious,
So I strapped on a mono, and I skied the mountain.

Initially its scary as hell. but when you work out its all in the hips, the pole plant and the short turns, your day goes from pretty ait, to cosmically radular!

I also learned that a 360 on a mono, is a very very hard maneuver.
I've got a break between comps now, so I'm hanging in Colorado for a week before heading up to the Crested Butte 4* for the final comp of my season.

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