Revy to Jackson

Revelstoke to Jackson Hole

Ive been in the great continent of North America for a couple of weeks now.
I arrived in Revelstoke about 2 weeks ago, straight into the middle of a storm which supplied us with deep BC pow by the cloud load.
Its a double edged sword skiing pow from day 1.
Having tones of fresh is the ultimate dream, and as any kiwi knows, POW is more valuable than gold.
So if its there you have no choice but to ski the hell out of it from 1st to last chair.
The flip side of that is that skiing pow is hard work, so you spend the next 4 days painfully trying to your ski legs back, against the best efforts of that old bastard lactic acid.

Rodgers Pass, I think.

A few days of awesome snow at Revy paved the way for the first stop of the Freeride World Tour.
Blake Lepper and myself spent the day on the spectators ridge opposite the Mac daddy face where the comp was being held.
We took up the role of support team for the southern contingent.
It was a great day, I learned a lot from watching the comp live, Ive gotta say its given me a big boost of inspiration.
It was great to see Charlie Lyons and Sam Smoothy put down some really solid runs, especially Charlie who, in his first ever FWT stop, managed to score a 5th.

Tunnels in Canada

Frost inside the car

After the comp I hit the road to Jackson Hole with Nat Segal and Blake Lepper.
We were able to stop off at Kicking Horse.
I gotta say, that mountain is one of the most interesting I have come across.
The terrain there is great, so many pillows, cliffs and chutes, all falling away from steep easy access ridge lines. I can see myself growing to love that mountain.

Stairway To Heaven @ Kicking Horse

                                           16 hours (roughly) later and we made it to Jackson.

Gotta Get Gas

Mr Tomnus (Tom Brownlee) In our backpacker pad @ Jackson Hole