January 6th came very fast indeed.
I got up and went for a run, to get a lil bit o last minute Sunday shine.
Then it was back inside to finish up the packing.

I jumped on a plane in Queenstown at 12 on Sunday.
Blue bird skies meant I got to see the alps in full summer snow.
That almost an oxymoron right?
It was probably 30c on sat, so don't ask me why there is still snow in the mountains.

Southern Alps getting the best of both worlds

It was a bit of a tease seeing that out my window.
Im currently in Vancouver where its raining.

But thats ok.

Cos someone told me its snowing in Revelstoke, and thats getting me a little bit excited.
Thats where Im heading tomorrow.

Woo! Winter!
On my way through Auckland airport I had to stop off and grab an extra thing.

A swish new jacket from SOS!!

Thanks fellows.


Ive also got this short video of packing...