Brain Damage on Brain Damage

My first day on snow at Jackson hole was awesome fun.
Me and Blake spent all morning hunting around for 3 day old unspoiled pow.
We managed to find some sweet zones that no one had been in, and got a bit of the good stuff to our selfs.
Unfortunately for me, my day ended at 2.30.
We had been skiing lines through a single specific zone for the past 3 runs, and after a couple of successes and one fail I decided I wanted to drop the big one.
It was about 20 maybe 30 ft to a pretty flat, but mighty deep landing.
I stood on it for a few minutes deciding how I was going to send it.

Then I woke up in hospital.

The story goes that I dropped my line, and on stomping the landing proceeded to take either a my pole or my knee to my chin, which knocked me out cold.
I was out for about 3 minutes before coming to.
From what Im told it was a bit of a mission dragging my concussed self out of there. Sounds like I owe the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol a box of beer for their efforts, which Ill add are greatly appreciated.

Blake says I got to ride in both a blood bin and and ambulance.
But I dont remember anything until about 6 that night.

All is good though, my scans came out clear of any bleeding or swelling, but I must say I feel slightly less smarter than before.

So anyway. Ive been off snow for the last few days, waiting for my brain to sort its shit out.
Hoping to get back on snow soon.

Oh and you want to know what the best part is?
The cliff I knocked myself out on was called

Brain Damage on Brain Damage

Go figure eh.