Last Month In The North

Last Month In The North


Over the last three months I have been training and competing in the US.  It was a really disrupted trip with events being cancelled and postponed.  I had planned to compete at four Freeskiing World Tour events but with all the changes I only got to do two.


I had planned to use Salt Lake City as my training hub and travel to events from there however there was no real snow. So I headed to Revelstoke BC Canada where there was  heaps of snow. After almost 2 months in Revelstoke my skiing had improved a tonne. It made me confident for the events at Snowbird FWT and the Moonlight basin FWTQ.

Unfortunately I didn't make it past the first day in either of the events.

Ski Ballet has now become an accepted part of big mountain skiing.
@ Snow Bird FWT Qualifier

Snowbird was more bad luck than anything. Conditions were spring with hard snow and I was 6th runner.
I skied the top section of my run really fast and solid, but while skiing between my last 2 features my right ski fell off my foot, way to easily, but it’s hard to say why.
Helmet cam footage from Snowbird -

Bluebird at Snowbird

It snowed mega tonnes in the canyons round Salt Lake City the night after the comp and the next 2 nights that followed.
It was great to have some new snow to boost the spirits after having a bad run in the comp.

The next stop was Moonlight basin. 
I skied a really good top section, but I misjudged how much speed I needed to take into my last air.
I came up short and landed on rocks then tomahawked harder than I think I ever have.
I ended up with a concussion, but it was nothing serious.
The highlights from Moonlight Basin are at -My crash is at 2:23.  
Pretty gutted as once again I was skiing solid, but it’s all learning.

Even though I fell in both events, I have been able to find a whole lot of positives from these two comps, I feel like I have a pretty good chance of doing well in finals, if I could just get there!


With Moonlight behind me the only thing left to do was catch a bus, and spend the next 26 hours of my life travelling up to Whistler BC.
I met up with my Dad in Whistler, and skied the next 13 days solid.
We had about 9 days of awesome powder, topping up every night.
Only thing was I spent the whole time coughing my guts out, I still managed to have fun though, turns out its hard to have a bad pow day!

Flippin again

I got home to Wanaka a couple of days ago, well rested due to getting a whole row of seats to myself on my long haul flight!
(that'll never happen again)

It’s good to be home.

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