We have had an interesting start to the season this year, arguably better than last year, but even still the mountains are barely covered.
The lack of snow has meant Ive been spending much more time skiing park than big mountain.
I would love to be shredding pow and dropping lines, but the opportunity to ski more park has yielded good results.
I have been wanting to gather up some tricks to bring into my big mountain skiing for a while now but have never really been able to pull myself away from TC and into the park to learn them.
This season the stunt bag has started to fill up, I have managed to land a few clean Rodeo 7s and a couple of sketchy cork 3s.
Cork 7s are also on the agenda but I haven't actually attempted any yet.
Today, out of no where, I learned to telemark!
Its harder than I expected, but managed to get a good flow on after a few runs, gonna have to do it again.

So the park has been good, but i think its time for a bit more snow. That would be nice.

Im skiing on the Hammered this year.
Its Heads new Big mountain ski.
They have changed up the design quite a lot this year, the ski has a bunch more side cut and more rocker in the tip which seems to make them turn really nicely.
So even though they are 115 under foot, they are really nice to ski all round even on harder snow.
And im sure they will slay it in the pow!
A softer tip makes them a really playful ski, but the stiffness in the mid section means they still charge hard.

From left:
Rev 80 --- Hammered 115 --- The Caddy 84

Im back on POC again this year, which Im really happy about.
I had a few pretty big wrecks this year in the states, so Im really happy that I am able to use such good safety gear.

Im going to try and bust out an edit once I get some good stuff.
One of these days...

                                                    Until then, check out this stunt I did!!