Good Bye Revelstoke

The last few weeks at Revelstoke have been great.
We had good constant snow fall for over a week, dropping on average 6 to 10 cm a night, with a couple of bigger dumps.
That meant that a lot of the stuff I had been looking at through the drought were now good to go.
Two weeks of lines and pow plus a photo shoot, and it was time to leave Revelstoke for the USA.

Me, amongst it

After setting out from Revelstoke with the plan of ending up in Crested Butted, I arrived in salt lake city.
It snowed 30cm or something stupid the night before I was due to head out of town, and the main road out of town ended up being covered up by an avalanche about 20 mins before we were due to go through.

Simon Reeves & his pillow finding magnet
The only way out of town now was the long way through Nakusp with two ferry crossings, which we missed by only a few minutes each, that didn't help in the war effort.
The detour caused some problems, it meant that a 3 hour drive, which would have had me in Kelowna 3 hours early, took about 6 hours, and ended with me arriving at the airport as the doors to my flight were shutting.

Not an ideal way to start a journey!

It wasn't such a big deal because the Freeskiing world tour stop I was meant to be doing at Crested Butte had already been cancelled due to lack of snow on the comp face.
Jeremy Gardener, titts deep
I was still going to go down any way, because it would have been a good opportunity to get to know the place for next time.
As it turned out it was just as expensive to rebook to Salt lake city and that changed things a bit.
So thats where I am now, exploring and preparing for the Snowbird comp which starts in a week.

Its a bit of a shock coming from cold awesome pow at revy, and arriving to warm spring snow here.
In the process of editing all my clips from revy now, so an edit is due soon!

                                                                Ferry and ferry ramps