Update Time

Its been a really bad season for snow this year in the states, even in BC snow fall has been less than average.
Due to the lack of snow, comps are being postponed left right and center.

Three out of the four stops I have entered in; Moonlight basin, Crested Butte and Kirkwood have now been moved back a into march and April.
This means that I have ended up staying in Revelstoke for much longer than originally intended, so instead of a couple of weeks I will be here for just under 2 months.
Its probably one of the best places to be stuck mind you!

There is a good crew here at the moment, I have been riding with Simon Reeves and Scott Heale a bunch and Jeremy Gardener just got over from NZ last week.
Scotty and his mates know this area super well, so I have been able to see and shred some of the local gold!

I just moved into a cool little flat as I'm now here for another month, its been good so far, and I'm starting to get used to the mega trains that pass the house in the night.
The house is about 50 metres away from the tracks and the it shakes when they pass, its pretty cool actually.

I didn't have a key last week and ended up climbing 3 stories up the outside of the building to get in through the deck door.
That was fun.

after a couple of weeks of constant cold and snow fall, the weather this past week has taken a turn for the dry and warm.
Praying to the snow gods, and hoping for the weather to start coming back in properly sometime in the next few days.
It snowed last night about 5 cm, but not really enough to get excited about.

I had a pretty good crash the other day and hurt my leg, so have been taking it pretty easy the last week.
it is frustrating but the snow is pretty average at the moment so its actually not such a bad time to be going slow.

Also the diving boards at the pool are great for making up for lost fun!

I have done a couple of photo shoots so far with Mickey Ross and Ryan Creary, hopefully something good will come from them!

First comp stop is now going to be in Crested Butte March 8th, provided it snows between now and then, hopefully it wont be postponed a second time!

Here is the link to my pow video from the first week here.

And the link to my 2011 season edit which I finally managed to get uploaded.