Leaving The Land Of The Long Wet Summer

I left the land of the long wet summer on the 11th of Jan,

Q-TWN ~ Orkland ~ San Fran ~ Salt Lake ~ Calgary ~ Kelowna ~ REVELSTOKE!
A long journey it was, and the length was due to a combination of, plans changed due to no snow in Utah (where I was to be based) and delayed flights.
Turns out we sat on the runway for an hour all because the air con wasn't working.
G U T T E D.
Any way I ended up in Revelstoke late at night, half asleep and almost blind from tiredness, it never ceases to amaze me how hard sitting down for 3 days is. 

I'm lucky enough to be staying with local kiwi man about the hills Scotty Heale.
Scott has been living in Revy for the last 3 years now, so he has a pretty good knowledge of the sweet spots on the resort and beyond.

My first day at Revy was supposed to be a chilled day exploring and getting the snow legs back in action. 
But to be expected, I got carried away and my calm warm up day became like any other.. too much fun.
As it ended up, I didn't get much of a chance to get my legs in shape before the first storm.
It came that night, 20cm of vanilla ice ice baby (pow).

We were up at 7 and in the lift line by 8, still not early enough to be at the front.
It was however enough though for us to get first tracks down 800 odd vertical meters of uber deep uber light pow.
That run was both heaven and hell at the same time.
I was still so un ski fit that it destroyed me.
a brief rest on the gondola and stoke chair saw us straight back into the pillow factory, spoiling pillows.
If you get what I mean.
I was soon lost from the pack, and from then on it was solo shred time.
Followed by a nap in the cafe.

All in all im pretty pleased with day 2 of Revelstoke riding, although it did make day three that little bit harder.

Getting out of bed this morning was an effort that's for sure.
Every thing hurt, damn that sneaky lactic acid.

But again, it had snowed.And aching muscles were met with first run hiking and more deep snow.
We managed to stay together today, and found some sweet zones and cool lines, but the agility levels were definitely low, so I took it a little easier.

I am now absolutely mangled, sitting on the couch on the verge of falling into some kind of exercise induced coma, wondering what tomorrow will bring
and hoping that I'm slightly less sore when I wake up!

Its a wonder I managed to finish this post, my eyes are only half open.

Working on getting a wee day 2/3 revy edit up. might need a nap first..