2nd Place in the NZ Freeski Open Big Mountain FWQ 3*

On Friday I finished 2nd place in the finals of the NZ Freeski Open Big Mountain!
A way better result than I was expecting!
It was the first time since injury that I set out with the plan to shoot for a top five finish. I went into the comp feeling about 95% recovered, so I figured I could have a bit of fun!

The snow was great and the level of skiing was really high. People were going for it attempting some big airs and equally big tricks with more people sticking their runs than usual.
Sebastien Varlet took out 1st after skiing a charger line with a very big last air and Hank Bilous sent it to the moon off a drop that I haven't seen anyone ski before to reel in 3rd place. 
With some dangerously last minute changes to my line while standing in the start gate, I opted for quick and technical with a bunch of little airs at the top and a tight fast double through the middle leading into a reasonable air at the bottom. 
It all came together super smoothly and I managed to finish a totally clean run.

This result has been a massive confidence booster moving between the rehab phase of my northern winter and the send it phase planned for Jan 2016. 
It's pretty damn satisfying to be at this point after the last 17 months of hard work.
It is cool to have a good result, especially for the sponsors and supporters who have helped me through this uncertain period. 

Check out the event video below: