On Board With Scott NZ

Some cool news!

Scott NZ have jumped on board as a new addition to my sponsors!

I am stoked to be working with Scott, their kit is rad!
They are going to be hooking me up with helmets, goggles, poles and protective gear.
Currently I am using a Symbol helmet and the LCG Goggles pictured below. 

Starting up relations with a new company is exciting and I am sure this will lead on to good things. 

Scott Wintersport NZ Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/scottwintersportnz

Scott Homepage - http://www.scott-sports.com/us/en/

Scott Symbol Helmet with MIPS Tech. 

First Impression of the Symbol is the adjustably of fit and vent system is cool. 

Scott LCG Goggle 

I think these goggles look super cool and I am a big fan of the super quick lens change slider system; Its much easier than bra clips...