The Quest Continues

Last week I had the opportunity to be part of the judging panel at the NZ Open Big Mountain event, definitely the highlight of the last couple of months!
I was one of the three panel judges that sit under the head judge, Dion Newport.
I judged both the qualifier and finals day and in the process I learned a lot about the sport from a judges perspective. I think being able to pick apart each competitors runs objectively and without the emotional attachment and personal bias that comes with competing was an important insight. I would encourage anyone given the opportunity to judge a comp to take it and learn from it. 

The thing that impressed me most about the open this year was the amount of new, creative lines picked by the riders. The last couple of years have produced a lot of "same old" lines, so it was great to see some new thinking come in to an old venue. She's still got some life in er yet!

Correct sun protection equipment is required for judging. "Sunblock you say? In NZ we don't even wear an Ozone layer!"


--Rehab Progress--

I am now roughly 3 months post ACL operation and things are looking really good. 

Over the last few weeks my strength, balance and mobility have significantly improved. I am finally getting to the point where I feel good walking around, my limp is nearly gone and I have found I spend less time stressing over every step.

I am working hard to get the old leg hinge back to 100%. I hit the gym 6 days a week and the sessions are ramping up sharply. I'm usually a bit sore the next day, which is a good sign! Also I road bike about 30 km 3 times a week and I get some laps in at the pool.

I'm still doing 2 physio sessions a week and the exercises are way more advanced. Two weeks ago I was onto a slackline and at the start of this week I started getting back in to some agility and jumping, which has now moved up to skipping and skipping rope as well as stationary and one legged jumping.

These are the most exciting things to happen in my recovery since I was able to ride my bike again and its got me even more motivated to keep at it. 

And I'm even playing the odd game of disk golf, using my bike to get around the course. Its great fun and adds in a bit more light exercise to the program.



Sorry I've neglected you, Babe. <3 <3 <3 I thought it was about time did something special for the old girl, seeing as we haven't really seen much of each other lately.

As I said earlier, sun protection was necessary. "The briefcase wasn't mine officer, I was just looking after it for a guy..."