The Quest For Buff Knees

Its been four months since I first injured my knee, and I have to say I'm still feeling really positive about everything.

Six weeks ago I had my ACL surgery which marked the end of the between surgeries "in limbo" stage and the start of the "get buff knees" stage.

Its much nicer being out the other side of surgeries. Even though I had lots of little week by week goals which kept me motivated, its still a total bummer being put right back to stage one hanging out on couches with crutches. Especially when you have just made it to the point of being able to walk around the house with a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal without slopping it over the edges.

Things are coming along really well with my rehab, I am starting to do more in the gym and I am swimming every second day. It is a great feeling now having the freedom to go out and do some proper physical training which makes me tired and sore.

I am expected to be riding my bike on the road sometime in the next 1 to 2 weeks, so until then I will be working hard on a stationary bike. Currently I do about 40 mins a day on the bike as well as a gym session and an exercise session at home. All up its about 2 to 3 hours a day.
I am really looking forward to to getting back out on the road, that will be a very big milestone in my recovery.
It will be a significant step towards having the freedom to be able to adventure on demand.
Until then I have my little goals.

And the satisfaction of roaming the house with tea and cereal in hand.

Check out this mash up of all my best skiing in Europe this year.

Euro Mashup from sam lee on Vimeo.