Chill Series

The last few weeks have been pretty epic with competitions, travelling and work all packed in back to back.
It started out with the Chill Series up in the Canterbury club fields at the end of August.
Chill is a four day big mountain competition that runs at Craigieburn and Mt Olympus.
It starts off at Craigieburn with a qualifier day and a finals day and then moves on to Mt Olympus for another two days with the same format. The scores from both venues are then combined for an overall event total. 
It is quite a challenging competition because you have to stay on the ball, skiing clean and hard for four days straight.After a mellow quali day at Craigie  we were set to go. Finals day didn’t go so well for me. I fell in my first run, and then with the snow hardening significantly by run two I had to go really conservative and finished 11th.
Olympus went much better for me. I was a bit disheartened by my performance at Craigieburn, so I decided to pick a line that I knew I would have fun skiing. I skied solidly and had a blast, and finished up the quali day in 1st place. A great confidence booster.
Olympus finals day began with a relatively clean, solid first run, but with a few hesitations above features so I felt that I needed to push it more in the second run.
I picked a completely new, more difficult line for my second run and it started really well. I was feeling super confident with how clean and fast I had made it through my top section. I dropped a cliff into a wide chute and came unstuck on my run out and rolled.I had to use my run 1 score and ended up 4th on day 4. 6th overall in the series, an OK result considering I  crashed out on both my money runs.
So then it was back to work for the next five days before heading up to the North island for the Export 33 Extreme.

Here are a few videos from the comp:

The official edit from Chill,

Daily comp footage from The Daily Dump,