Cat Ski!!

On Friday I got the opportunity to cat skiing in down in Kingston, and take some photos with Cam Mcdermid and Neil Kerr from NZ skier mag.
We turned up in Kingston bright and early, grabbed chicken pie and a flat white, booted up and jumped in the helli.
It was the first time I have flown in a helicopter, so as you can imagine I was absolutely frothing.
Our pilot was awesome too and gave us the full helli experience, low flying, cork screws, banks, etc.
He dropped us at the top of the cat ski bowl and from then on it was all up to the sleds and snow cat.
The snow was great, slightly sun baked but still epic.
We spent most of the day finding and shooting lines, and a few good pow runs too, hopefully we got some good shots!
Queens town cat skiing is an awesome set up. I really like the way they run things.

Next thing on the agenda is the K2 Chill Series Big Mt.
Gonna be SICK!