Return to Revelstoke

Summer in Wanaka

Summer in Wanaka

2017 was an absolute hoot, and I am super excited for what 2018 has in store!

Currently, I am in Revelstoke in Canada. After having a super good run of hot weather and sun at home in Wanaka, I drifted into town a couple of days before New Year's Eve and lucked out big time with my arrival lining up perfectly with the first storm in a while! 
My first day on snow was pretty rad!

Jumping over trees with the kiwi lads

Jumping over trees with the kiwi lads

After exploring some of the old lines I frequented back in 2012 I remember why I love riding here!

It's basically a big treasure hunt for hidden pillow zones and steep goat lines, with a few big cliffs in the mix as well. 
The video below gives a good look into how things went on day one!

My plan from now on is to hang here for another week to compete in the Revelstoke FWQ 4* event which is happening this Wednesday and Thursday.
I'm going into this one as a warm-up for the first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Hakuba, Japan running between the 18th and 27th of January!
I have a feeling the locals will be geared up for some big, hammer-time lines, so it should be a pretty exciting event!

The best part is that a storm rolled in again yesterday, and it is currently dumping outside, so conditions should be pretty much on point for the comp!

I'm still pinching myself at the idea of being back on the World Tour for the second year, and to be honest, I am just as nervous as I was last year!

I've been jumping lots since I arrived here, and I feel like I am pretty much back up to speed with skiing, so I guess, whatever happens, it's just another weird road trip around the world doing stunts! 

Time to have some fun!! 

Here is an edit from when I first came to Revy in 2012 - I love looking back on this one, and it is still up there in my top 3 seasons to date!