FWT Final at the Verbier Xtreme and Season Wrap up. She's done!

The final competition of FWT 2017 happened at Verbier last week. It was an honour to compete on the Bec des Rosses and I am super happy to have placed 5th on the day and 6th in the overall FWT17 ranking!

I picked my line because it was the first thing that stuck out to me as something genuinely fun to ride, so I pretty much knew from the start that I was doing it, regardless of how it would score. It looked too fun to miss!

Photo by Dominique Daher

Photo by Dominique Daher

The best part was that It allowed me to ski in the way I enjoy most which is technical, tight, steep and full of features, with a couple of decent airs in the mix. 
Interestingly, I learned afterwards that I am the first person to ski the major part of my line in competition, and possibly ever. 
I asked the judges if I could name it, they said yes, so I suggested "Dogs Balls". Because to me it stands out like dogs balls - it's an expression from back home that suggests something really sticks out or is very obvious.
Who knows if it will stick! 

The whole event was awesome and the podium runs in all categories were sick!
With the Xtreme marking the final event of the FWT, the world champions have been crowned and each one absolutely deserves their world title, those guys and girls are seriously inspiring.

I'm gonna put it out there and say that this season has been the best one I have experienced by far. 
It was fun in pretty much every way, new mates, blue bird comps, awesome travels, new tricks, the best parties and some top notch skiing! Even though North America hogged all the snow.. but whatever, I'm from NZ.

Through Freeriding I have met and made friends with some amazing people. All of them super motivated, genuine and a little unusual in their own ways. 
Basically, a bunch of people who think being sensible is a bit boring.

It's been great sharing the stress and excitement of freeride competition with this crew and I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity to try and make a life out of what I think of as basically being a kid all the time. Hopefully I can keep it up!

When I look back on my competition season I feel like I exceeded my own expectations as far as results and personal improvement and I'm absolutely stoked on skiing right now.
I am sad to leave Europe this year, but I am excited for FWT18! 

Until then, I'll be spending my time coaching kids in the winter at Cardrona and packing in bulk activities and adventures in the southern alps!

Thanks to all you cool cats who helped out - my family, my friends and my sponsors and especially Charlotte, Tom, Adele and Kim for letting me sleep on your floor heaps.