FWT Andorra - 8th Place Stop One - 4th Place Stop Two

I first travelled to Andorra 3 years ago in 2014 to compete in an FWQ 4*. Going back has been on the to-do list ever since, and to do it as part of the FWT has been a dream. 

Since the postponement at Chamonix, I have been itching to get things rolling, so it was refreshing to turn up and compete straight away in the Andorra stage where I finished in 8th, and to follow it with 4th place at the Chamonix stop re-staged in Andorra a few days later was perfect!

The goal for this season was to finish in the top 10 a couple of times and see if I could qualify for the second half of the tour in Alaska and Verbier. 
The first stop was pretty damn nerve wracking, I am stoked with the way I skied although I knew that I could have spiced things up a little more, so when it came to the second stop I figured I could afford to put a little more on the line, hence the backflip at the top of the venue!
Funnily enough, the flip was the only thing I was really certain of, settling on the rest of my line took a bit more work. 

So far after two comps I am sitting in 7th place in the rankings, tied with Reine Barkered!
This puts me in a really good position and as far as I can tell, qualifying for Alaska looks damn near sure. 
That means I can have more fun at Feiberbrunn!

If you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I'd be on tour with a couple of top ten results by age 25, I would have said not likely.
I figured if everything went well I could make the FWT by the time I was 27 or 28, saying that it's an old man's game. 
And I was prepared to work at it until then, so to have it all happen so soon is wild!

The FWT family is super cool, and I am stoked that I can experience the madness first hand.
I often imagined myself being part of the circus when I was little, and on some level I feel like this is pretty damn close!

Next I will head to the FWQ 3* at Montafon this weekend, It is on the way to Fieberbrunn making it a great opportunity to practice and maybe try some new stuff before FWT stop 3!

HEAD Freerider @sam_ibex_lee working those edges #headwhatsyourlimit #DIYskituning

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FWT Ranking after stop 2

FWT Ranking after stop 2