Chandolin was a blow out, Had a fun time though.

I think the title sums this one up pretty well. 

Chandolin is a really cool place, it has some of the longest T-bars and Pomas I have ridden and some of the most playful terrain I have skied since I have been in Europe. 
It is totally stacked with good looking cliffs, wind lips, and more quick and dirty technical lines than you could shake a Scot Shmidt at. 

The venue is right smack in the middle of said dirty tech. 
So its sort of right up my alley, as I am a big fan of getting into tight spots. 

The format was a run on each of two days, both runs count.

I picked a technical double in some steep exposure. 
I skied into the zone OK but did everything in slow motion.
I landed the line but pulled a massive power slide in the run out which must have been judged as a as a loss of control, even though I stayed on my feet. I think if I had done a better job with planing my runout I could have come away better than the 20th place after day 1.

It pretty much meant I had no chance of a top five heading into day two. 

moon plane.jpg

In the end I decided to use the second day as a training comp to try something new. 
I picked some more obvious big airs down the main chute with a plan to 360 the first and backflip the last. 

I spun the first cliff, and although the rotation was pretty close to right I landed funny and lost my uphill ski and crashed, ending my run with a no score. 

All up I placed 40th. This comp definitely taught me a few things about my approach and I am all the time learning from my runs. Even though I am disappointed with how things went I am glad I had the opportunity to try something new, that is the first time I have spun in a comp and all things considered it went OK. I will be training more spins out of competition as I think I am starting to ski in a way that can really benefit from a bit of freestyle!