Chandolin FWQ 3*, Successful First Comp Of The Season

Early morning moon fall at Chandolin, One of the perks of waking up at 5am!

Early morning moon fall at Chandolin, One of the perks of waking up at 5am!

Here is an update on my comp at Chandolin 3* this weekend passed. 

Being my first competition since injury last march my plan was to take it relatively easy and try to ski a run that would put me in the middle of the pack. 
I figured it would be best to use it as a no pressure practice to get my head back into comp mode and to see how my knee would hold up. 

Day one went badly, I got a little too ambitious and tried to ski a more technical line than I probably should have, which resulted in a couple of small falls and a lot of hesitation. 
Even still I managed to place 26th out of 46 on the day. Which I was happy with considering I how poorly I felt I skied. 

Day two was much more successful. 
I learned a lot from day one and chose to stick to the original plan and picked a fun relatively uncomplicated line that I knew I would have fun skiing.
The plan worked and I nailed my run clean.
It was enough to put me in 11th place. A far better result than I was aiming for!

My combined scores gave me an overall placing of 16th of 46. Again, much better than expected!

All in all I consider this to be a successful first comp and I am happy with my result. I am excited to be back competing again even though its not full throttle yet. I really enjoy the whole process of competing and can wait until Im back to 100% again. 

Next comp is the Nendaz Freeride 4* this weekend. This was the comp I blew my knee at last year, so It will be exactly 12 months since my injury.  It seems like that should feel like more of a big deal to me, but its no more intimidating at this point than Chandolin was, so I am positive it will work fine!

The day one and two venues at Chandolin. my lines are drawn in RED.