8 and a half months have passed since I busted up my knee and it has been 6 months since I had my ACL operation. It has been a long time coming but finally I can say my knee is fixed!

I have just come back from Auckland where I had my final MRI/Surgeon meeting and everything is perfect. My ACL graft is holding strong and my meniscus is looking great! While I was up there Les Mills were kind enough to hook me up with access to their gym, which made it easy to keep on track with my program. 

The day after my sign off I went over to Snow Planet and had a good old fashion carve on some Head Rallys!
It was my first time on skis since I injured myself in March and it was almost like I had never left. I had this feeling it might not work, but it was great! A massive confidence boost for my return to snow in Jan. 

On top of that I am getting close to being back to normal in terms of overall strength and fitness. I am far stronger on a bike than I have ever been in my life and am probably stronger in the gym than I was at this time last year. The only thing that is lagging behind is my running, but even that is picking up by the week!

By the time I leave for Europe I expect to be stronger and fitter than ever before. 

Even though I am past the 6 month point, I am still not 100%. My right leg is still slightly smaller than my left, it's only a couple cm off but it will come soon enough with more work!

With the biggest milestone of my rehab to date achieved, I am setting my sights on getting back to skiing in Europe on the 16th of January. From that point on I will be working towards my first comp at Chandolin on the 7th of March.

In the last two weeks leading up to the six month point I have continued to make noticeable improvements.

I have finally pushed my road bike length to 70Kms, I did it in 2:40 which is pretty quick, at least for me.

I have also SUP paddled the Clutha from Albert Town to the Red Bridge at Luggate. That was about an hour and a half standing on the board with a few rapids with no troubles, and I am hoping to do a couple of hike in paddle out missions over the next few weeks.

I have also just taken up surfing at the river wave in Hawea!
I picked up this awesome Lime 5.6 foam surf board from SUP Centre in Auckland and I have been throwing myself at the wave for the last couple of evenings. 
Because the days are so long now, we finished at 10pm both nights!!