Verbier 3*


So the comp ended up being a blow out.

Conditions were good, there was a bunch of new slightly heavy snow and I picked a fun line that I was sure I could nail.

The standard of skiing was reasonably high, although the venue was a hard one to pick anything mind blowing in.

I had a decent cliff right out the starting gate which I aired and stomped perfectly. That was followed by a couple of fast pow turns.
Things were going well until I got caught up in some heavier snow and did a forward roll.
The lamest crash I have ever had in a comp.

The Venue
That all meant I was lower than I should have been coming into the tighter more technical mid section with two drops close together out the bottom. I was looking forward to skiing the rest of my line so I continued on.
However I ended up creating more sluff than anticipated which meant I aired off the first cliff of two slightly blind and way back seat. That ended with me hot tubing on landing and taking a rock to the butt.

I was skiing on the Collective 105 and in hindsight I think I should have been on the Cyclic 115 due to the amount of snow.

Not the best start to the comp season.
The positive was I got to ski some pretty damn nice pow!

Here is the link to a short pow edit from my first couple of days back on snow -