Just Got My New Marmot Swag For 2014

For the last 2 years my outerwear and glove sponsors have been SOS and Hestra through Snowsport In Australia.
They have helped me a whole lot in the time that we have been together, the gear they have supplied me has meant more of my own money can go directly towards travelling internationally to train and compete in the FWQ.
Recently Snowsport have decided to change their outerwear supplier, so now seemed like an appropriate time to part ways.
I wish them all the best with their new products.

Following on from that I will now be skiing for Marmot through the NZ importers Allsports.
I am stoked to be working with Marmot, their gear is tech as heck and they stock some mighty nice colours!!
And it fits in nicely with Snowcentre who are a Marmot reseller.

I just received my new Marmot kit and that has me way too excited about going skiing in Europe!
Just a month and a half to go, and until then the gear is in the cupboard while I keep myself occupied with other wilderness adventures!

Oh and I also went to the Hooker Valley in Mt Cook National Park with my Mum on the way back from the North Island the other day.
Here are some photos.

Cloud Proof

Mount Sefton Hanging Glaciers


Hooker Glacier

Hooker Glacier Lake Ice