Temple Basin Big Mountain

Photo Cred: Mark Bridgwater

The second competition of the Chill Series was held at Temple Basin, in Arthurs pass.

This trip was my first time skiing at Temple Basin and I can honestly say my mind melted.

The terrain surrounding the lift access is some of the most epic I have seen, anywhere.

Day one of competition started slow.
Due to and unstable and extremely difficult to ski snow pack, the venue was moved from the planned
location not long before we were due to start.

Photo Cred: Ace Media

The day one venue ended up being pretty limited, so I found It hard to pick a line that I was really excited to ski.
Although the bottom section was an on course inspection the top was visual only.
I scoped two lines which I realised were impossible by the time I was at the top.
I had to improvise and pick a new line from the top, so my run was not quite as exciting as I had hoped it to be.

Even still skied it solid and fast and was placed 4th at the end of the day.

Day two was held on the same venue and I managed to pick a better bigger line that I was more interested in skiing.

Everything went to plan, I skied fast without hesitation and I stomped all my airs clean.
I won the day and that put me into 1st place overall, my first Chill Series win!

Official comp video from Chill:

Results at the bottom of the page.

Excerpt from day 2 write up up on Chill:

The men’s div saw no shortage of amazing skiing and huge airs, some a little more successful than others. Stand out runs on the day go to Sam Lee, Nick Pascoe and Jamesa Hampton who all sent solid airs with bomber landings!
Cam McDermid continued his good form and was once again back on the CHILL Series podium. Jeremy hunt had another solid run but Sam β€˜Ibex’ Lee crushed it and took out top spot on the podium, much to the crowd’s delight.

I think it is important to thank Stu and Chill for running these comps and giving the Kiwi Big mountain community somewhere to test our skills.
Without them NZ big mountain skiing might not have reached the impressive standard it is at now.

Good job guys!