Im back in Wanaka, with the chill series done.

The week went really well, and was a lot of fun.
We managed to hit clear warm weather the whole way through, which was a bonus.
The format for the comp was three best results out of four count.
I skied consistently well throughout the comp with only a crash on the second day, and finished in 2nd place overall!!

So Im pretty happy!

My results were:
Day 1 -- 4th
Day 2 -- Crashed
Day 3 -- 4th
Day 4 -- 2nd

The field was really strong with a bunch of Euros turning up, plus all the Kiwi boys throwing down.

I've got the NZ open coming up in a couple of days.
This year I'm pre qualified for the finals, so that makes for a slightly less stressful comp.

Here is the official edit from Mt Olympus day 1 and 2,

Check it out