NZ Open Big mountan

Last week I competed in the NZ Open Big Mountain, I was pre qualified so I didnt have to worry about the qualifying leg. That was good cos it was a bit of a weight of my shoulders.
It is kind of nice to be able to ski the qualifier day though, it gets you warmed up and ready, so that you're amped for finals.
The snow was great, and some epic lines were skied.
My first run was OK, but I couldn't spot my entry point into my main big cliff, and had to pull out.
I was kind of annoyed by that.
I spotted it again from the bottom of the course and set off with a clearer image in my mind.
I changed a few parts of my line so that I took my top drop a little faster and bigger missing out some technical stuff from run 1 so that it would be more fluid.
I got through my mid section really well but landed on a rock coming out of a chute, and tomahawked.
That meant that run 2 was a no score.
I finished up 9th with my run one score of 7.5.
Considering I wasn't happy with how I skied that run, I'm OK with where I placed.
I definitely don't feel like I skied to my potential though.
But its all learning.
Congrats to the podium: George Pengelly 1st, Charlie Lyons 2nd and Sam Smoothy 3rd.