Today was opening day at Snow Park, to be honest when I heard that they were opening today I wasnt expecting much. But when we rounded the last corner this morning, and the hill came into view, I was definitely impressed with what I saw.
Considering we have not had a good natural snow fall this whole month, I think they have done well.
Who would have thought we could be skiing right now, while the hills are still brown, thank god for snow guns I guess!
I was absolutely stoked to finally be back on my sticks again, this last month has been unbearable, as I'm sure all the powder hounds and park rats in town will agree.
To me, having no snow at the start of the ski season is like having your parents forget your 10th birthday, and not realising until a week later.
A few weeks back I sprained my ankle really badly on the trampoline, so I have been worried that I might not be able to ride at peak shred, it seems to be fine in a ski boot, but I wont really know until I get into some real mountain riding.
I always love the first days of the ski season, its great because you spend the whole time running into all the people you know from past years.
So even though it was just boxes, rollers and man made snow, it was awesome, and well worth the money.
Definitely going back tomorrow.
Now, BED.