snow oh oh, snow snow

Im in Kirkwood at the mo, and never in my life or even in my dreams have I seen this much snow.
It has been snowing non stop since Monday night, and they say we have had  131-144".
The snow is so deep that there are people all over the place stuck up to there thighs in pow.
I spent 10 minutes yesterday digging my self and my skis out of the snow when I dropped a line, missed the transition and landed on the wrong side of the windlip followed by a rather impressive double ejection.
The last few days have been immensely fun, some good training for sure.
Today is not so good as i managed to pick up a mysterious calf injury from the madpow yesterday. So Im having a couch day icing the sore out of it.
On the bright side its so busy today I would have been in line for my whole life any ways. 
On the dark side, I want to be skiing mega bad right now, and ski movies don't really cut it. They kinda don't satisfy the craving, its like a heroin addict trying to get their fix from a candy bar. no good.

Some R.I.C.E today and it should be ok for tomorrow! (i hope)