I have been riding for Head since my racing days, about 10 years now.
Head have finally struck gold with the A-Star. I have skied and competed on it for the last 3 seasons in Europe and loved it. It is a good solid straight shooting big mountain charger. Stiff and fat enough to handle heavy landings and high speeds. Head also produce an excellent range of carving skis in the Supershape series, I use the Rally for ski instructing in NZ.


Marmot is a comparatively new addition to my family of sponsors, I have been riding with them since northern winter 2014.
What I like about Marmot is that they produce tech gear in some really cool, vivid block colours with a comfortable fit. Marmot keeps me warm, dry and visible, which keeps me skiing until closing!


Part of the process of becoming a good big mountain skier is eating it and rag dolling down hills, often ending with snow in every place its possible to get snow.
That tends to make you wet, so I have found that rocking merino base layers is a really effective way to avoid freezing your important parts off, arms, legs etc. Another useful characteristic of merino wool is that it is naturally anti-bacterial which means it doesn't stink. This is particularly good for a travelling skier because it means you can pack less and wash less! (your clothes that is, you still have to wash yourself, you grub)


Snowcentre have been my retail sponsor for a while now, in that time they have been a huge help.
They hook me up with boot work and ski tunes along with any other gear I can't source through my gear sponsors. 
Snowcentre also runs SUP centre. 
The do all types of hard SUPs from recriational to race and they also stock Inflatable boards which I have found to be the perfect tool for exploring some of the rivers in the Wanaka area


Having Scott on my side is a big confidence booster when I'm out pushing my limits and trying new things. Having top quality protective gear is something I'm pretty keen on, without super safe helmets and body armour my squishy human body would be in much worse condition. 
A big part of skiing comes down to seeing, so its a good job the Scott LCG goggle is a total peach to wear! The lens change system is the best I have seen, and with a small amount of practice you can change lenses on the fly without even taking your goggles off your eyes!  

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